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Welcome to the poor (but official) Bitbenders page !

We are chipmusic performers : 
we dont play "live" (w/no real instruments), 
we are not dj's, 
we are Bitbenders !!!

Here (http://bitenders.free.fr) you can find our music.

Have fun, and dont forget to tell us if you like it, or if you like we play for your party's ;)
( we love to play for few beers ;] )

Bitbenders is :
 - divag (divag at parishq d0t net)
 - sidabitball (bill at parishq d0t net)

Luv !

Here a few links with friends/stuff we love, in no particular order.

http://www.redofromstart.com/ <- Greatest chiptune dj's !!!
http://www.micromusic.net/ <- A nice place to stay
http://www.micromusic.net/paris_hq/ <- This is where we live
http://otro.free.fr/ <- Beautifull pixel gfx's
http://www.chiptune.com <- great chiptune selection
http://www.benetbene.net/ <- Try this !
http://www.vorc.org <- Video games or chiptune
http://www.2ao3.org <- Nes music
http://www.nullsleep.com/ <- More nes music
http://www.hvsc.c64.org/ <- The high voltage SID collection
http://www.8bitpeoples.com <- Fucking great label
http://www.lo-bat.be/ <- The best of the little grey box